Ecommerce Webstie

Go online and leave an expansive footprint in the online business marketplace!!!

The dawn of our generation has witnessed widespread applications of e-commerce. At Subi Software and Mobile Apps Pvt Ltd we have been offering unbeatable solutions in the field of e-commerce.

In traditional marketplace, customers and proprietors are involved in dealing with a lot of transaction to benefit themselves on both sides. Upon transferring to an e-commerce zone, you have the opportunities to discover the dynamics of our user-friendly application.

E -commerce utilized the computers, networks and commerce-optimized software. As a result, many customers can immensely benefit from our e-commerce application solutions. One way is through increased sales, decreased cost and more significantly being it the segmented space in the market

At Subi Software and Mobile Apps Pvt Ltd we offer both e-commerce design and development. Our exclusive portfolio encompasses of these following application:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Video on Demand
  • Online Banking
  • Procurement and purchasing
  • Logistics(including Supply Chain Management)
  • Auctions